Business Turkish

General Business Turkish; trade, finance, insurance, banking, and many office environments. Turkish Our general business course, work to increase your chances for acceptance in Turkey, is scheduled to work on the vocabulary you need to improve your life and the Turkish language.

If you need to communicate orally and in writing with business colleagues or Turkish speaking colleagues,
If you are looking for a flexible program that suits your destination and working hours,
If your choice is the historical, cultural and commercial center of Istanbul,
This program is for you.

What is my Turkish level?



Gerekli Seviye  En az B2 seviyesi tavsiye edilir
Kurs Günleri  Hafta içi
Gün Sayısı En az 3 gün tavsiye edilir
Kurs Saatleri  I. 09.00-13.00   II. 14.00-18.00
Günlük Ders Saati En az 4 saat  tavsiye edilir
Haftalık Kurs Saati  En az  12 saat  tavsiye edilir
Toplam Saat  En az 80 saat  tavsiye edilir
Öğrenci Sayısı  1-3 kişi
Yaş En az 18 yaş tavsiye edilir

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