Avrasya Language School is one of the leading educational institutions in Istanbul. It provides a wide range of language programs for both Turkish & English Language along with YOS courses, offering quality education to language learners from all around the world.

Our strength comes from our knowledgeable & highly skilled professors and experts that have a profound pedagogical knowledge in the field, not to mention the long years of experience.

Moreover, in accordance with our policy, each lecture is on a 12: 1 ratio, that is our classes do not exceed 12 students. Therefore, students can easily communicate and consult with their professors any time. Our fee structure is based on the principle that everyone has access to better education for less cost.

Our location is optimal for students seeking to mix with people from diverse cultures & backgrounds. Mecidiyekoy is a business & entertainment hub for foreign students that seek to occupy their leisure time with activities, and is at the center of all means of transportation.